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[turboesprit] Hylomar -- Permatex replaces Hylomar HPF

From   "Tim Engel" <>
To   "Lotus 4-Seaters" <>, "on YahooGroups Lotus-Cars" <>, "Lotus TurboEsprit" <>, "Lotus Esprit S1S2S3 Owners" <>
Subject   [turboesprit] Hylomar -- Permatex replaces Hylomar HPF
Date   Mon, 28 Jul 2008 14:51:15 -0500

Hylomar has been one of my favorite sealants for a long time. I started
using it because Lotus originally recommended it for sealing the cylinder
liners into the 9XX 4-cylinder blocks. From there, I found many other
uses for it.

Hylomar is not only the name of a product, it's also the name of the
adhesives/ sealants company in the UK that offers a full line of products
competitive with Loctite and Permabond. The product Lotus recommended for
the early 9XX cylinder liners was the company's original blue goo called
Hylomar Universal Blue, PL32 (Medium). Rolls Royce developed the original
Hylomar to seal aircraft engines.

Later, for the 918 V8 cylinder liners, Lotus recommended Hylomar 3400,
which is an anaerobic sealant... totally different, so don't confuse them.
In this message, I'm talking about the original blue goo.

Hylomar Universal Blue is a UK product that is made or marketed by licensees
around the world. In the USA, Permatex used to market it to the
automotive industry and at retail through auto parts and hardware stores as
"Permatex Hylomar HPF". In 2007, Permatex dropped Hylomar HPF from it's
line, but now they're re-introducing "Hylomar Universal Blue Racing
Formula". It's NOT HPF, it's different... and not as user friendly.

Hylomar UK makes several varieties of the blue goo. With the exception of
Hylomar Advanced Formulation, all the Hylomar grades are more stiff out of
the tube, don't smear onto the surface easily, and tack-up immediately,
giving almost zero working time. They almost feel like a thick, gooie
pressure sensitive adhesive. Smear it down right the first time and like
it, 'cuz it's staying where it is. Those Hylomar grades are not
"difficult" to use, it's just that compared to Hylomar Advanced
Formulation, they're not as easy to use.

In contrast, Advanced Formulation (aka, the OLD Permatex Hylomar HPF)
is unique in that it comes out of the tube in a more fluid state. It flows
onto the joint surface and is easy to spread. Then it stays fluid for a
considerable time giving it a long working life, and making it useful for
tasks like O-ring and coolant hose dressing. In those applications, the
more fluid Hylomar initially acts as a lubricant to aid in installing stiff
rubber coolant hoses and in seating O-rings. Then it tacks-up and provides
an enhanced seal.

All Hylomar Blues seal great (that's not an issue) but the stiffer
varieties are not as easy to apply in comparison to the Advanced Formulation
/ old Permatex Hylomar HPF version. I just got spoiled by HPF / Advanced.

Lotus' original recommendation for sealing 9XX cylinder liners into the
block was Hylomar Universal Blue, PL32 (Medium). That grade is Hylomar's
original blue sealant, and it was developed by Rolls Royce for sealing
aircraft engines.

Permatex's NEW Hylomar Universal Blue Racing Formula = the UK's Hylomar
Racing Formula". It's is very similar to the Lotus recommended Hylomar
Universal Blue, PL32 (Medium), but it's stickier. It goes on the same (it's
stiff), has the same sealing qualities, but with enhanced adhesive
qualities to better secure & retain gaskets.

The OLD Permatex Hylomar HPF = Hylomar Advanced Formulation, a solvent
free grade that also provides the sealing qualities of PL32, but without
the Racing Formula's extra stickiness. HPF/ Advanced Formulation is more
fluid out of the tube, is easier to apply and work with, flows onto the
joint surface easily, then stays fluid for a longer working time. It's
also more user/ environment safe due to the lack of solvents.

Anyway, if you have been a Permatex Hylomar HPF fan in the US and you've
been wondering what happened to it... that's what. If you prefer the old
Permatex Hylomar HPF, it's no longer available but you can still get the
equivalent UK Hylomar Advanced Formulation. You'll just have to look
harder to find it.

JAE is presently going through the paperwork to import Hylomar Advanced
Formulation for us. There is a USA Hylomar Distributor, but they're
primarily set up to service industrial accounts and only sell Hylomar in
large, 3.5 oz tubes for $31.50 each. So JAE is working on getting set up
as a US importer for the smaller, more practical and familiar 1.0 or 1.2
oz tubes. Doing so involves both Hylomar and US Customs paperwork and it's
taking a while, but Jeff is working on it. For the moment, JAE has no
Hylomar Advanced Formulation in stock, but stay tuned.

Lube-O-Seal is the afore mentioned USA distributor for Hylomar and you can
order directly from their website. if you want it bad enough to buy the
large 3.5 oz tube at $31.50 each (verses the typical retail 1.2 oz tube). website

Pegasus Racing sells Hylomar Advanced Formulation in an 8 oz brush-top can
for $37.29 each. It costs more than the Lube-O-Seal option, but it
contains over twice as many ounces, so the cost per ounce is probably the
best deal. IF you'll use that much.

Order: $37.29

For reference:

Hylomar UK .....


Hylomar USA ...

Hylomar Universal Blue PL32 (L, M or H -- Light, Medium or Heavy)

Hylomar Advanced Formulation = old Permatex Hylomar HPF

Hylomar Racing Formula = new Permatex Universal Blue Racing Formula

Hylomar Aerograde

Hylomar Aerograde Ultra


Tim Engel



The above message is solely the opinion of the author, and not
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Lotus Ltd., or any other official or unofficial group or entity is
stated or may be implied.
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